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Watch Clearing the Cosmic Confusion


Aug 2022

Clearing the Cosmic Confusion

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Since the release of Amazing Facts’ Cosmic Conflict DVD, millions have discovered the truth about the origin of evil and why God permits suffering—and many thousands have been converted and transformed for God’s kingdom. Now you can advance these precious truths to additional millions by creating a new Cosmic Conflict sharing magazine. Thank you!

Watch The Spanish Language Advantage


Jul 2022

The Spanish Language Advantage

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The use of the Spanish language is on the rise globally, and the people who speak it are searching for truth. We must be ready to share God’s last-day messages in their language—and many other languages. Will you support Amazing Facts’ global evangelism and help translate Bible truth into multiple tongues, bringing words of life to even more people? Thank you!

Watch Warning Signs that Save


Jun 2022

Warning Signs that Save

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Many well-meaning souls are being led in the wrong direction through Christian television because of a lack of clear Bible truth. Together we must show them the full teachings of Scripture! By placing Amazing Facts on these stations, we will reach the lost sheep of Israel. Please support broadcasts that will guide seekers safely to the kingdom. Thank you!

Watch Food for a Spiritual Famine


May 2022

Food for a Spiritual Famine

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A catastrophic famine of God’s truth is plaguing the world—and Jesus is asking us to distribute Bible messages to feed starving souls freely. You can help satisfy their deep hunger for spiritual food by supporting Amazing Facts’ free literature distribution. Your gift will create and send life-transforming resources that will convert lives for eternity. Thank you for freely giving so that others don’t perish but have everlasting life!

Watch An Opportunity for a Wonderful TBN Comeback!


Apr 2022

An Opportunity for a Wonderful TBN Comeback!

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The world’s biggest Christian TV network now wants us back! TBN Inspire reaches millions of households around the globe. You can put God’s last-day message on it and other stations when you generously support Amazing Facts evangelism with your loving gifts. Thank you for boldly broadcasting truth in these last days!

Watch URGENT! Media Missionaries Needed Deep in Europe!


Apr 2022

URGENT! Media Missionaries Needed Deep in Europe!

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Europe desperately needs Bible truth. The cradle of Protestantism has increasingly become desolate of God’s Word and is now in spiritual darkness. But through satellite evangelism, you can be a media missionary to Europe and other places that are difficult to reach. Your gift today will place life-changing programs in millions of homes. Thank you!

Watch A Miraculous Metamorphosis


Mar 2022

A Miraculous Metamorphosis

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Carlos loved to party, but he felt empty. Step by step, God led him, through your loving gifts, to discover Bible truth and become a powerful evangelist for Jesus. You can help reproduce this miraculous metamorphosis in the lives of others when you give to support AFCOE outreach training. Your generous gift will not only equip many more frontline gospel workers, but it will also broadcast essential truth around the world to exponentially grow God’s eternal kingdom. Thank you!

Watch Boldly Holding the Line


Feb 2022

Boldly Holding the Line

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As countless churches compromise truth for popularity, Amazing Facts continues to lift up the distinctive standards of our faith for the salvation of many. That’s why we’re presenting Holding the Line, a new Amazing Facts Summit series designed to bring revival and reformation. Please let us know that you still believe in the direct, clear proclamation of Amazing Facts by supporting Holding the Line. Thank you!

Watch Flares in the Night


Jan 2022

Flares in the Night

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Did you know that more than a trillion internet searches are made every year? Millions of these are made by desperate souls seeking answers to their deepest heart questions. Now you can make a huge impact in their lives by supporting Amazing Facts internet evangelism and online billboard ads that proclaim last-day truth. Your gift will elevate our websites to the top of web search results, guiding more seekers immediately and directly to the Bible truth.

Watch Launching Truth: Past, Present & Future


Dec 2021

Launching Truth: Past, Present & Future

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The year 2021 was prophetically profound, with billions longing for relief from the ongoing pandemic, lockdowns, shortages, inflation, and natural disasters. Yet millions also contacted Amazing Facts to find lasting hope! As we launch into 2022, you can provide a strong foundation of truth to reach the growing number of people seeking to know what the Bible really says about the future and God’s will for them. Thank you!