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Watch From Prison to Palace


Feb 2024

From Prison to Palace

Matthew was making plans to get high as soon as he got out of prison. But before his time was up, he discovered Amazing Facts on a prison-issued tablet—and it turned his life around! When you support the work of Amazing Facts, you are sending resources to thousands of inmates trapped in sin. Your kindness opens spiritual prison doors and sets people free from Satan’s chains. Your gifts unlock hearts to receive eternal life in Jesus!

Watch Valuable in God’s Eyes


Jan 2024

Valuable in God’s Eyes

Laura never felt good enough. But that changed when she was introduced to Jesus through Amazing Facts TV broadcasts. When you help broken people find their true worth in Christ through our evangelistic programs, thousands like Laura discover how valuable they truly are in God’s eyes. Your loving gift today will redeem more souls from Satan’s trash bin and lead them into the treasure chest of heaven!

Watch Placing Truth Into 50 Million Households!


Oct 2023

Placing Truth Into 50 Million Households!

Valerie’s life was profoundly touched when she encountered an Amazing Facts evangelistic TV series, which ignited her search for more truth. Your generous support can be the catalyst for others like her to discover hope. By backing our new time slot on Family Entertainment TV, you’re making a direct impact on seekers’ journeys. Join Valerie in spreading the light of truth!

Watch No Compromises, No Boundaries


Oct 2023

No Compromises, No Boundaries

Born into Islam, Aydin began a remarkable journey of faith when he watched an Amazing Facts DVD and found a path to Jesus—but his newfound beliefs brought deep persecution. Your generous support of our global evangelistic work guides millions toward the profound truths of Scripture, preparing them for the imminent Second Coming. Your contributions share the Lord’s sacred teachings, offering freedom even in places where governments ban the Bible. Your kindness is leading to transformation. Thank you for being a beacon of hope!

Watch Artificial or Genuine Truth?


Oct 2023

Artificial or Genuine Truth?

When Sarah’s father and grandmother passed away, she was utterly heartbroken. Confused and uncertain, she began searching for true answers about the afterlife. And through the generosity of friends like you, she found the authentic Bible truth that transformed her faith forever. Thank you for leading people to Jesus by supporting the evangelistic ministry of Amazing Facts!

Watch Deliverance from Self-Destructive Devils


Aug 2023

Deliverance from Self-Destructive Devils

Victoria was battling devils and was tempted to end her life. But through lifesaving messages presented by Amazing Facts on television, she found liberating truth that broke her chains of darkness. When you help make our evangelistic broadcasts available, you bring lasting hope to thousands of more longing souls like Victoria. Your compassionate gift today will absolutely make an eternal difference!