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Watch The Best Investment in the World


Jul 2024

The Best Investment in the World

Thomas was looking for answers to his Bible questions when friends led him to Amazing Facts. After watching our evangelistic series presented in New York City, his life was launched in a new direction. When you invest in Amazing Facts evangelism, you guide people to lasting truth. On September 20, we will present “Prophecy Odyssey” in the influential city of New York. Your gifts help win souls and are the best and most lasting investment you could ever make. Thank you for bringing truth to the world!

Watch Opening Galaxies of Truth


Jun 2024

Opening Galaxies of Truth

James sought happiness through the world’s pleasures but was left feeling empty. When he found Bible Answers Live on the radio, he began listening often. The Holy Spirit convinced him to get serious about what he heard, and his life turned in a much better direction. You can guide even more people like James to find heaven’s answers to the deepest needs of their hearts when you support Amazing Facts radio. Your gifts open galaxies of truth to people wanting more than what this world offers. Thank you for giving!

Watch Kidnapped by Culture


Apr 2024

Kidnapped by Culture

Our young people are being kidnapped by culture, and many are quitting church. But you can reach youth like Ethan by supporting the many Amazing Facts resources and events designed to help them find freedom in Christ. Will you support faith-building conferences and materials that lead others to God’s kingdom? Thank you!

Watch The Last Words You May Ever Hear


Apr 2024

The Last Words You May Ever Hear

When Jocelyn discovered that her dying hospital patient was watching Amazing Facts on TV, she knew that God had miraculously opened the door of salvation to a hurting, frightened soul. Millions are facing a hopeless future without Jesus. You can bring these lost people to the Lord through your compassionate gifts. The messages you help send out may be the last words they hear. Thank you for caring!

Watch An Exciting TV Opening in the Capital of the World


Apr 2024

An Exciting TV Opening in the Capital of the World

The apostle Paul’s witness in Rome, the global center of power and commerce in his day, helped spread Christianity throughout the empire. Today, you can help advance Bible truth by placing Amazing Facts programs on a huge TV station, WLNY-TV, in New York City. From this present-day “capital of the world,” God’s message will spread around the globe and prepare hearts locally for our upcoming Prophecy Odyssey evangelistic series in the fall.

Watch A Sudden, Urgent SOS!


Mar 2024

A Sudden, Urgent SOS!

Southeast Asia is one of the most difficult places to witness for Christ. Muslim- and Hindu-dominated countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, and India often persecute those who convert to Christianity. But you can bring light to searching hearts when you support new Amazing Facts evangelistic meetings this April—along with more resources for reaching Muslims. Please pray for Pastor Doug’s safety and give generously so that those having second thoughts about Islam can find Jesus. Thank you!

Watch From Prison to Palace


Feb 2024

From Prison to Palace

Matthew was making plans to get high as soon as he got out of prison. But before his time was up, he discovered Amazing Facts on a prison-issued tablet—and it turned his life around! When you support the work of Amazing Facts, you are sending resources to thousands of inmates trapped in sin. Your kindness opens spiritual prison doors and sets people free from Satan’s chains. Your gifts unlock hearts to receive eternal life in Jesus!

Watch Valuable in God’s Eyes


Jan 2024

Valuable in God’s Eyes

Laura never felt good enough. But that changed when she was introduced to Jesus through Amazing Facts TV broadcasts. When you help broken people find their true worth in Christ through our evangelistic programs, thousands like Laura discover how valuable they truly are in God’s eyes. Your loving gift today will redeem more souls from Satan’s trash bin and lead them into the treasure chest of heaven!