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Watch Deliverance from Self-Destructive Devils


Aug 2023

Deliverance from Self-Destructive Devils

Victoria was battling devils and was tempted to end her life. But through lifesaving messages presented by Amazing Facts on television, she found liberating truth that broke her chains of darkness. When you help make our evangelistic broadcasts available, you bring lasting hope to thousands of more longing souls like Victoria. Your compassionate gift today will absolutely make an eternal difference!

Watch The Corner Stone of Creation


Jul 2023

The Corner Stone of Creation

Dara was confused by her high school biology class, which taught the theory of evolution. Fortunately, through Amazing Facts, she found reasons to believe in the Creation. You can help millions more wandering in darkness discover foundational truth about our beginnings through a simple but power-packed sharing resource when you generously support the evangelistic work of Amazing Facts. Thank you for uplifting the Creator—who is also the Savior!

Watch Antidote for the Serpent’s Bite


May 2023

Antidote for the Serpent’s Bite

Hurting and alone, Amala desperately prayed for encouragement. That’s when she found Amazing Facts programs, translated into her Hindi tongue, on a station in India. It gave her hope and a new life. You can now provide more inspiring literature, TV programs, and internet ministry across vast countries like India when you support Amazing Facts evangelism. Thank you!

Watch URGENT! Cover 98.5 percent of the UK with Bible truth now!


May 2023

URGENT! Cover 98.5 percent of the UK with Bible truth now!

The biggest Christian TV network in the United Kingdom reaches 98.5 percent of households—over 27.8 million homes! Through TBN UK, you can put Amazing Facts on the air and share the three angels’ messages across the United Kingdom, one of the most powerful secular countries in the world. Will you support Amazing Facts media evangelism will boldly broadcast truth in these last days?

Watch The Power of the Printed Page


Apr 2023

The Power of the Printed Page

Nick was living on the dark side. When his brother sent him a printed Amazing Facts Bible lesson, it shed light into his mind and heart and transformed his life. So many in our world are still wandering in darkness and long to read truth-filled materials that will set them free. When you support the evangelistic publishing ministry of Amazing Facts with your gift today, you place resources into the hands of seekers and lead them to Jesus.

Watch Blanketing the Earth with Truth


Apr 2023

Blanketing the Earth with Truth

Sincere people all over the world are being duped into believing lies about the Bible. They’ve listened to so many deceptive teachings from pulpits and TV evangelists, they are utterly in the dark about vital truths like the Sabbath, end-time prophecy, and the afterlife. Who will show them the Way, the Truth, and the Life? Today, you can lead countless thousands to a change of mind—and transformation of heart—by broadcasting the three angels’ messages on ION TV and more!

Watch Europe, Islam, and Prophecy


Mar 2023

Europe, Islam, and Prophecy

Europe desperately needs a second Reformation. On this ancient continent, there are 750 million people who need foundational, life-changing truth. Who will reach its burgeoning Muslim population and lead them to God’s true Prophet, Jesus? We are being called to disciple many more young people to share the gospel in places where Christianity is now dying. Today you can train, equip, and send out bold missionaries for Christ in this giant mission field!

Watch Jewels in God’s Kingdom


Feb 2023

Jewels in God’s Kingdom

Amos hated Sabbath-keepers, but through your generous gifts, this diamond in the rough came to love Christ. God is now opening wide the doors for evangelism on the continent of Africa. Your generous gifts will train more Bible workers and evangelists, translate much-needed materials, and proclaim God’s last-day truths to millions more who are waiting to become jewels in the kingdom of heaven. Thank you!

Watch Evangelism Providence, Not Coincidence


Jan 2023

Evangelism Providence, Not Coincidence

Joshua and Melissa found the Bible truth when their neighbor shared with them Amazing Facts’ evangelism programs. Now, more than ever, our broken and divided world needs to hear the last-day prophecies of Scripture and the certainty of Jesus’ soon return. Your support of the Pinnacle of Prophecy evangelistic series will bring heaven’s urgent messages to hearts hungry for the hope of an eternal kingdom.