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Watch Weapons for Christian Commandos


Oct 2017

Weapons for Christian Commandos

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Error cloaked in deeply held traditions is like a heavily guarded border trapping the minds of people "behind enemy lines." By God’s grace, thousands can still be liberated from these confused theories through Amazing Facts broadcasts and truth-filled websites!

Watch The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge


Oct 2016

The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge

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Millions in America are going to be talking about a Sabbath-keeping Christian in November! A new major motion picture to be released in November opens an incredible door of opportunity to point thousands of people to the Bible truths about the Sabbath, the afterlife, God’s law, grace, His last-day church, and Jesus’ soon return!

Watch Combating a Counterfeit Cure


Aug 2016

Combating a Counterfeit Cure

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A deadly scam has infiltrated the church and is deceiving millions. Instead of a genuine, lifesaving remedy, many are swallowing a deadly spiritual placebo that is nothing more than a watered-down, counterfeit gospel served up in an appealing package. Let's expose this scam together!

Watch Where Are God's Mighty Men?


Jul 2016

Where Are God's Mighty Men?

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Do you long for the days when men were encouraged to be strong, self-sacrificing, and brave—like King David and his mighty men? For decades, the media have sought to normalize unbiblical lifestyles and to portray husbands and fathers in a negative, disrespectful light. The result has been massive gender confusion that only compounds the erosion of the sacred family unit God established in Eden. But there is something we can do to counteract this staggering moral decay!