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Watch Where Are God's Mighty Men?


Jul 2016

Where Are God's Mighty Men?

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Do you long for the days when men were encouraged to be strong, self-sacrificing, and brave—like King David and his mighty men? For decades, the media have sought to normalize unbiblical lifestyles and to portray husbands and fathers in a negative, disrespectful light. The result has been massive gender confusion that only compounds the erosion of the sacred family unit God established in Eden. But there is something we can do to counteract this staggering moral decay!

Watch Catching the World's Most Valuable Fish


Mar 2016

Catching the World's Most Valuable Fish

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People with burdens in desperate need are scouring our websites 24/7 to find solid immediate answers, people like Tanya—a former atheist. As you read her remarkable story of a life transformed, don’t forget the Holy Spirit used you to play a part …

Watch Hungering for Holiness in a Wicked World


Feb 2016

Hungering for Holiness in a Wicked World

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Indifference about holiness in our homes and daily lives is eroding the power of the gospel message. That’s why God's loving call for purity urgently needs to be proclaimed to the church and the world. We must stand together and boldly proclaim the high, holy calling God has for His people as the curtain of history prepares to fall! We have an opportunity to reach more people like Jonathan and Rica who were freed from the spell of compromise and addiction.

Watch A Health Crisis EMERGENCY!


Jan 2016

A Health Crisis EMERGENCY!

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When we show people that we care about their physical well-being, we are building a bridge that often leads to a deeper study of the Word of God. Darren’s story is a case in point. Discover how one Amazing Facts health program put him on the road to spiritual recovery!

Watch Joining the First Angel Proclaiming the Seal of God!


Dec 2015

Joining the First Angel Proclaiming the Seal of God!

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The neglected truth of the Bible Sabbath will soon be spotlighted before the whole world and will become a pivotal issue in the last days. In fact, the Sabbath truth will soon become the proverbial “line in the sand.” Now is the time for God’s people to step forward, to hold up the banner of truth higher than ever before, and warn anyone who will listen!

Watch Reaching a Giant Continent for CHRIST!


Nov 2015

Reaching a Giant Continent for CHRIST!

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Africa is immense—in size, in heart, and, most important, in the millions of souls who are wandering in spiritual darkness and starving for hope. With your help, Amazing Facts seeks to take immediate action to share the love of Christ with the people of Africa! Through satellite broadcasts and the Internet, establishing new training schools, and distributing more translated outreach materials, exciting possibilities are opening in Africa to reach millions with Bible truth. And already your kindness has reached precious people like Jeremiah, a young man whose transformation began when he saw an Amazing Facts program and went to our website …